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08. Bahamas - Cruise to Bahamas Jan 20 - 24, 1991 - 5 days

Cruising to Foreign Lands is A Treasure

Jan 20, 1991. Boarded the FUN SHIP a Carnival Cruise at Port Canaveral, Florida.

BAHAMAS: Also called Bahama Islands-- Island State in the Atlantic Ocean, comprising some 700 islands and islets and numerous cays. Columbus made his first landfall here in 1492. The islands became a British Colony (1717), internally self-governing (1964) and independent within the Common Wealth (1973). Tourisim including gambling provides more than 60% of the State revenues. Nassau is the capital of Bahamas.

Jan 22, 1991. We departed Port Canaveral, Florida at 5:00 pm. From the moment I stepped aboard, I sensed that this vacation would be filled with all kinds of fun. There were many couples for their recreation, newly married couples for their honeymoon, some for their anniversaries, some others for their birthday celebrations and the rest like me for vacation. We loved the panoramic ocean view throughout the journey. Our ship arrived at Free Port at 8:00 Am. Halt at Free Port.  After breakfast City tour.  Roaming through out the day in the city. We found spectacular botanical gardens. crystal-clear waters and fashionable boutiques where we have to mecca of bargains for our purchases. The rest of the day was enjoying its beauty and taking rest on the breach. At night the ship started to Nassau, the capital of Bahamas.

Jan 23, 1991. Arrived Nassau at noon.

Nassau is on New Providence Island. Tourism fundamental to the country's economy is centered here.

City Tour: Visited the Fort Palance and historical monuments. Visited Old Nassau with boutiques full of jewelry, crystal, perfume and handbags. We also visited the famous Straw Market. At night I spent half of time in the Casino and then rested in the ship.

In the Cruise, we enjoyed days spent lounging in the sun, nights thrilling entertainment, fine dining with pampering service, and an endless variety of activities. The Fun Ship provided us with the huge variety of lounges and showrooms, wide sun-splashed decks, cozy cafes and secluded getaways overlooking the sea, Nautica Spa, swimming pool, bar, shuffleboard, volley ball, table tennis, cinema, casino and above all fine international cuisine.

Jan 24, 1991: We spent the whole day time in Nassau, then departed from Nassau on the eve of the day. Tonight was the gala Captain's dinner Night served with free cocktails. Sailing throughout night on the Atlantic Ocean, we landed at Port Canaveral on 25th morning and reached home safely.

Cruise is for Joy, Fun and Entertainment..

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